Founded to fulfill a growing need for professionally crafted content with cross-platform potential, our staff & associates are a diverse team of multi-talented media rock stars. Our collective goal is to give you the tools to take your project to the next level as quickly, & effectively as possible. We work on everything from event production, to visual arts, to web promotion. We love the digital world as much as we love the real one. We like tablets, table saws, drape, video, and spike tape, and we are not afraid to use them.

Who We Are

Natalie Ashodian, Founder

Performing, and producing at age three inspired by the realization that cake–in-the-face was a crowd pleas-er, I have been crafting well-organized messes into art, entertainment, and design ever since. With a background in modeling, performing, theatre, and film I’ve learned to design and produce as much by observing and training, as by doing. As a “Jill-of-all-trades” I do not shy away from new challenges. I believe in the creative process being organic, yet strategic. I believe in hard work, and hard play. I’m smarter than my smartphone and try to turn it off once in awhile. My religion, if I had just one, would be that artists (like people) shouldn’t starve.

What I do: 

Founder and director of artistic development.

Generally I am responsible for project management, creative strategy, content development, & coordinating teams for large projects. I take on small contracts as a contractor, and build out larger agile teams when the scope requires more hands on deck.

My Day-to-Day:

If I’m not on sight with a clip board making sure everyone has what they need to succeed that day, I am probably emailing the next client, or tagging a recent project online.

The “Team”:

Bios coming soon…


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